Opening Keynote Address
"15 Global Challenges and Prospects for Humanity"
Jerome Clayton Glenn
The Millennium Project
World Federation of United Nations Associations,
Washington, DC

Luncheon Address
"Community Colleges as Agents of Global Peace"
David J. Smith, J.D.
Senior Program Officer
Education & Training Center/Domestic
United States Institute of Peace,
Washington, DC

Banquet Address
Dr. David Heyman,
Director and Senior Fellow,
Homeland Security Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies,
Washington, DC

Saturday Panel
Jerome Clayton Glenn,
David J. Smith,
Senior Fellow and Director
U.S. Institute of Peace,
Washington, DC
Debra Rowe, PhD.,
Business Ecology, Energy and Psychology
U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and Oakland Community College
Stephen F. Steele, PhD.,
Applied Sociologist,
Institute for the Future,
Anne Arundel Community College