2007 - 33rd Annual Conference
Eastern Community College Social Science Association

"Tolerance & Humanity in the Social Sciences"
April 12-14, 2007

Northern Essex Community College
100 Elliott Way, Haverhill, MA 01830, (978) 566-3381
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ECCSSA is an association of professional social scientists and related professionals devoted to advancing research, practice, knowledge, and understanding, in the social sciences for the progression of humankind.

The focus of this year's conference is "Tolerance and Humanity in the Social Sciences." Proposals for individual papers or entire sessions are invited.  Papers should focus on the conference theme within the context of the Social Sciences.

In addition to practitioners of the Social Sciences and faculty from other related academic disciplines, students are strongly encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Formal presentations, panel discussions, and poster presentations are all acceptable.

This conference promises to be timely and thought-provoking as conference presenters and participants dialogue about the challenges that the presence of intolerance poses in our increasingly diverse society and the effect that it has on teaching and higher education.



Kristina Olson,
Social Psychology Program
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Cambridge, MA 02138

Olson's Overview of Address:
"How deep are the bounds of human thinking and feeling and how do they shape social judgment? To answer this question, I have chosen to investigate systems that operate in implicit or unconscious mode, with a focus on implicit assessments of self, other humans, and social groups.  In this talk I will show evidence for the existence of implicit attitudes and knowledge, and what we have learned about their nature.  In particular, I will focus on the disparity between conscious and nonconscious social cognition as revealed by techniques that measure behavior and brain activity, with participants who are college students, drop-in visitors to implicit.harvard.edu , and young children. I will also provide a brief demonstration of the biases in all of us (using the audience and myself as subjects).  From such demonstrations and research, I will raise questions about what the mind sciences can say about the development and maintenance of social attitudes."

About the Keynote Speaker:
Kristina Olson is a fourth year graduate student in the social psychology program at Harvard University. Her research interests focus on how attitudes and moral judgments develop and change. She is currently involved in projects on a range of topics including: racial attitudes in post-Apartheid South Africa, the relationship between attitudes toward gays and public policy concerning gay rights, young children's sharing tendencies, and attitudes toward reparations for the descendants of American slaves. Olson has conducted research  in the U.S., Japan, and South Africa, and has focused on developmental stages across the lifespan from 11-months to 80 years.

About Project Implicit:
Project Implicit is a Virtual Laboratory for the social and behavioral sciences designed to facilitate the research of implicit social cognition: cognitions, feelings, and evaluations that are not necessarily available to conscious awareness, conscious control, conscious intention, or self-reflection. Project Implicit comprises a network of laboratories, technicians, and research scientists at Harvard University, the University of Washington, and the University of Virginia. The project was initially launched as a demonstration website in 1998 at Yale University, and began to function fully as a research enterprise following a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health in 2003.

The topics include preferences for ethnic and racial groups, religious groups, sexual orientation, gender, stereotypes of race and crime, gender and science, and ethnic-national links.

For further information, see:


Northern Essex Community College
Haverhill, MA
Technology Center, Room 103.          

Thursday, April 12

7:00-9:30 p.m.

Moderator: Maureen Dadekian Eckel, Northern Essex Community College

     What Does Tolerance Mean to You? The Questions
 Video and Discussion  
     Popcorn and soft drinks

Friday, April 13

Registration and Continental Breakfast

 Introduction and Welcome
Beth Wilcoxson, Northern Essex Community College
     Rosalyn King, Northern Virginia Community College
     Lane Glenn, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Northern Essex Community College

Session I

  Panel 1:  
Moderator: Gerry Morin, Northern Essex Community College

Part of the Solution: An Interdisciplinary Learning Community
Addresses Social Problems
(Amy Beaudry and Gaelan Lee Benway, Quinsigamond Community College)

Panel 2:  
Moderator: Athalia Lyons, Virginia Commonwealth University

Religious Tolerance: Development and Education
(Ramezan Dowlati and Mohammad Parchehbar,
Northern Virginia Community College and Ehsan High School)

Small Voices of Humanity from Modern War Zones: Writings and Words
from Destroyed Childhoods
 (Rose Meza, Nassau Community College)

 Break/Book Exhibits/Networking

10:45-12:00 Session II

Panel 1:
Moderator: Stephen Russell, Northern Essex Community College

Tolerance and Intolerance in the Middle East
 (Student panel, Northern Essex Community College)

Panel 2:  
Moderator: Ramezan Dowlati, Northern Virginia Community College   

In Defense of Intolerance
(Stephen Slaner, Northern Essex Community College)

Why Requests for Tolerance Fail
(Francine White, LaGuardia Community College)

Break/Book Exhibits/Networking

 Lunch and Business Meeting

Gerry Morin, Northern Essex Community College     
     President David Hartleb, Northern Essex Community College
     Rosalyn King, Northern Virginia Community College

 Keynote Presentation: Hidden Bias
(Kristina Olson, Harvard Graduate School)

Introduced by Maureen Dadekian Eckel, Northern Essex Community College

 Session III

Panel 1:
Moderator: Nancy Lee, Salem Community College

Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts
(Andrew Morse and Stephen Russell, Northern Essex Community College)

Panel 2:
Moderator: Rosalyn King, Northern Virginia Community College

Toward a System of Prudent Realism: Tolerance, Human Potential and
International Relations
(Michael Parsons, Hagerstown Community College)



Saturday, April 14

Session IV

     Panel 1:
Moderator: Beth Wilcoxson, Northern Essex Community College

Living Tolerance Every Day
(Dina Brown and Saleh Daher, Northern Essex Community College)     

     Panel 2:  
Moderator: John Hutchinson, Community College of Baltimore County

Teaching Humanities with Technology
(Justin Reich, Noble and Greenough School)

 Session V

     Roundtable: What is Tolerance?

12:00 Noon
 Box Lunch and Discussion

For more information, contact:
 Dr. Elizabeth Wilcoxson, Assistant Dean,
Northern Essex Community College
100 Elliott Street, Haverhill, MA 01830   
Fax: 978-556-3135,
 E-mail:  ewilcoxson@necc.mass.edu


Proposals for individual papers or entire sessions are invited.  Papers should focus on the conference theme.
Specific papers may come from the perspectives of Anthropology, Economics, Education, History, Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, International Studies, or other related disciplines.

Papers and presentations should address ways in which faculty are using innovative pedagogy in the Social Sciences in a community college setting to address the conference theme.  
Papers that address issues related to the challenges of building or promoting tolerance and humanity toward a world community will be seriously considered.

Student papers, presentations and perspectives are welcomed related to  issues of tolerance and humanity. ECCSSA also strongly encourages submissions from international students.

Please download and complete the  attached form and return to the Conference Chair:
 Dr. Elizabeth Wilcoxson, Assistant Dean,
Northern Essex Community College,
100 Elliott Street, Haverhill, MA 01830   
Fax: 978-556-3135,
 E-mail:  ewilcoxson@necc.mass.edu

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